• We aim to create high quality screen productions.

  • The group is available as ʺguns for hireʺ for readings, workshopping of scripts and external productions.

  • In addition we provide training and workshops for others in our approach.

  • Since its inception in 2009 the ASC has produced a number of short films and developed a viable TV series.

Latest news

  • Grimsby Girl Filming in Grimsby

    The Grimsby Shoot of ‘Grimsby Girl’ has wrapped!

    You can read another fantastic article featured in the Grimbsy Telegraph here.

    Grimsby Gril

  • First ‘Grimsby Girl’ Shoot Done!

    The first Grimsby Girl shoot on location in London wrapped on Sunday evening, next weekend – Grimsby itself!
    GG1   GG3


  • ‘Grimsby Girl’ in the Grimsby Telegraph

    A great article on our upcoming short film ‘Grimsby Girl’ in the Grimsby Telegraph.

    Read it here!