• We aim to create high quality screen productions.

  • The group is available as ʺguns for hireʺ for readings, workshopping of scripts and external productions.

  • In addition we provide training and workshops for others in our approach.

  • Since its inception in 2009 the ASC has produced a number of short films and developed a viable TV series.

Latest news

  • We Are Recruiting

    It’s that time of year again! If you’ve been thinking of joining the ASC or would simply like to come along and see what we get up to, register your interest through info@asclondon.com!

  • Grimsby Girl Filming in Grimsby

    The Grimsby Shoot of ‘Grimsby Girl’ has wrapped!

    You can read another fantastic article featured in the Grimbsy Telegraph here.

    Grimsby Gril

  • First ‘Grimsby Girl’ Shoot Done!

    The first Grimsby Girl shoot on location in London wrapped on Sunday evening, next weekend – Grimsby itself!
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