In October 2009, a group of Actors, prompted by a love of films and the desire to achieve the highest calibre of screen acting, decided to create a company of professionals, determined to develop both their artistic and technical abilities for screen. TV drama producer, director and theorist, Michael Ferguson, together with Robert Lewis, the founder of the Lewis Clinic of Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Harley Street, gave their unwavering support and invaluable guidance to this vision and thus the Actors Screen Collective was born.

With the support of The Actors Centre in Covent Garden, the group meet to exchange ideas, create characters and improvise. The group’s approach puts the emphasis on the self-knowledge and thought processes of the characters. Through improvisation sessions come scenarios and stories that the actors want to share. A major focus of the ASC’s work is to reinvigorate the creative relationship between all the people involved in bringing film to life.
Happily, lots of new and established writers, directors and editors are enthusiastic about the aims of the group and contribute their time and skills to this endeavour.

We aspire to be a valuable resource for all those working in the film industry.