A Selection of our Films

The Making of A Cold (2012)

“Yoga studio worker Suzanne is in love with life. Her best friend is always by her side and her handsome boyfriend can jump over staircases. However, one fine day her life takes an unexpected turn as all her certainties are put at stake.” The cast and crew of international independent hit ‘A Cold’ talk about their experience on set. The love, the drama, the ups and downs, the heartache. Everything it takes to make a cinematic masterpiece.

‘The Making of A Cold ‘ was written and directed by Fed Zanni and is a co-production with Threw a Glass Productions.

The Flask (2011)

“When a passionate, focused actor discovers that a vital prop has gone missing a few hours before his show’s press night, his world is turned upside down…”

‘The Flask’ was commissioned by the Actors Centre for the exhibition ‘Museum of Broken Relatationships’ which held residence at the Tristan Bates Theatre during the summer of 2011. The film, which was developed and filmed in the space of a week, is inspired by one of this exciting touring museum’s exhibits. ‘The Flask ‘ was a co-production with writer/director A D Cooper of Hurcheon Films.

Brood (2010)

“Kids…some can’t live with them and some can’t live without them…”

‘Brood’ was one of the ASC’s very first ensemble films. The story emerged from character work and ensemble improvisations and the screen play was then refined by screenwriter Jerry Green.